Nanobond Protection

It's a new technology - it's called Nanobond - at it is exclusive to Partners in Grime and Queenstown Luxury Property Management.

Screen Shot 2016 10 28 at 12.55.06Nano bond is a treatment applied to surfaces such as glass, concrete, masonry, cement, stainless steel, aluminium, fabric and leather for domestic and commercial use to protect the substrate from the elements and last for an incredibly long time - years on some surfaces. The "nano technology" is cutting edge, giving you efficient, effective, eco-friendly protection of your surfaces, with greatly reduced effort and frequency of maintenance and cleaning.

Use on Concrete

Nanobond can be used on surfaces that suffer from a lot of leading like stone and schist walls. One application and the water just beads off. On very porous surfaces Nanobond will last at least five years - on other surfaces much, much more. The growth of moss, algae and lichen is greatly retarded and maintenance very easy as you simply spray soling off with water - even in high traffic areas. For the ultimate result Nanobond can be applied at the building stage and mixed into the mortar for an amazingly waterproof house. Nanobond leaves the surface vapour permeable - meaning it can still breathe as necessary.

We have Safety at Heights Certificate so are able to do glass awnings and high buildings as well. 

Use on Fabric

Used as a fabric treatment Nanobond creates a complete repellent treatment for your fabrics and furnishings. It is completely invisible, breathable and odour free, Use on carpets, tents, boat covers, footwear, hunting and mountaineering gear to increase waterproofness, reduce mould growth and provide long lasting UV protection.

Use on Glassprotected glass

  • Vehicle windows: get rid of hard water stains, salt spots, wax from car washes, silicon and other unwanted pollutants. Water and scratch resistant after 20 minutes Nanobod will repel oil, dirt, dust, salt and ice from any glass. In rain windows treated with Nanobond have 30% better visibility!!
  • Shower glass treatment: Nanobond excels at repelling water, soap scum, hard water and mineral stains, leaving the glass sparkling and easy to clean (and easy to see through - just saying). Once applied maintenance is easy using only a microfibre cloth and water. Protection will last for up to 5 years!!
  • The ideal treatment for both domestic and commercial windows.

Use on Metal

Applied to stainless steel, aluminium and other uncoated metal surfaces such as kitchen benches Nanobond removes stubborn tea stains, oxidations and contamination. Bacteria count on treated surfaces is greatly reduced as dirt, oil, atmospheric pollution adherence, and water easily run off. Older surfaces can be completely revitalised giving a new lease of life and excellent long-term protection.