General Maintenance

We are more than capable to carry out all manner of basic maintenance at your property. Time and time again we discovered huge charges from our property manager for simply changing a light bulb or re-connecting a door handle. We are very practical people who have lived on remote islands for years. Acquiring a ton of knowledge we can now apply to this business.


  • Light bulb changes during regular cleaning service
  • Painting
  • Water-blasting deckings, driveways, houses
  • Re-attachment of door handles, fixing draw’s etc
  • Clean out guttering & drains
  • Landscaping (see details below)
  • Window Cleaning (see below)
  • Hot tub servicing (see below)



Providing you with crystal clear windows inside and out for unobstructed views of beautiful Queenstown. 

Partners in Grime pride ourselves on quality and professional window cleaning. Equipped with all the professional window cleaning tools to get those hard to reach spots all our staff are trained to the highest standards and only use eco-friendly chemical free products to ensure a streak free  crystal clear windows inside and out at your home or place of business..

The exterior windows are cleaned by hand, where safely possible, which gives a much better finish with no streaking. If its higher windows that need our attention, that is no problem either. With a light weight, water feed pole, even the highest, hardest to reach windows will receive our up most attention.

The interior windows are cleaned using the same technique which includes wiping all the edges with a steak free, lint free cloth. Partners in Grime use a state of the art deionised water filtration system so all the harsh minerals are striped from the water so it impossible to leave streaks or mineral spots.

Whether you’re selling your home, expecting important guests or just like to keep your windows sparkling, we can tailor a service to suit your needs. Our regular schedule ensures that we contact you when the windows are due for cleaning, meaning less hassle for you, the client.

Pricing for single level property: 

  • 2 bed house: $140 - $160
  • 3 bed House: $160 - $180
  • 4 bed house: $180 - $225
Call or email today to get a confirmed quote & to book! 021644920 or

Contact us to get pricing for construction site and new build window cleaning, along with office and retail spaces.

*Please note two level properties may incur a slightly higher price depending on how easy it is to access high windows. Prices are indicative and subject to change.



When looking for a company to take care of our holiday home we found the only option was to sign up for an astronomical contract with a local Queenstown landscaping company. We both have a love of gardens having done all the work ourselves at our home. We will keep your garden free of weeds, lawns mowed, edges trimmed & gardens pruned. We will also incorporate this into our service when we clean your home or business doing a little bit each time this keeping on top of the outside maintenance & ensuring the garden doesn’t get away on you.


All levels of landscaping


  • Mowing lawns
  • Edging
  • Water-blasting decking & driveways/mould
  • Barking gardens
  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Seasonal care for your garden (pruning, feeding the turf etc… )



hot tub

Specialists in Hot Tub Servicing

Partners in Grime will also take care of all your Hot tub needs. No longer do you need to pay out hefty service bills for a Spa Serviceman to come to only do this one job for you. We will add this service in whilst doing your cleaning/landscaping/maintenance. All included in our flat hourly rate.