About Us

Located in Queenstown, New Zealand, Partners in Grime provides quality cleaning, landscaping and general maintenance services to a wide range of customers from commercial premises (and boats) to rental houses and permanent homes. 

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Partners in Grime are finalists in 2016 Queenstown Business Awards

Established by owners Bridget and Aaron Murphy after they spent over 10 years managing five star resorts in the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand while retaining ownership of their own holiday home in Queenstown. Aaron and Bridget took their frustration at the ‘over-the-top-prices’ for basic holiday house maintenance and combined it with their experience managing high end products with an exceptional eye for detail to create what has affectionately been dubbed, PIG.

While the intention was never to be the biggest cleaning company in town, only the best, the business has grown hugely in three years from the couple owning one car and doing most of the cleaning themselves to having fifteen staff, nine cars and more than one-hundred customers - who they’re happy to bend over backwards for. The secret ingredient to why clients are queuing up to be PIG clients?


"To make all customers feel like they are our only customers" - Bridget Murphy


PIG provide a complete one-top solution for all home and commercial property maintenance. Replacing the need for the services of a cleaner, landscaper, window cleaner, Hot Tub serviceman; then just to get a simple light bulb changed an Electrician!

Why choose Partners in Grime?

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    PIG owners Bridget and Aaron Murphy

    Having such a large client-base means a focus on business systems and efficiency is essential:
    • PIG uses technology to ensure you only pay for services rendered - such as in-car GPS tracking (unlike other cleaning companies you will not be charged for travel); in-house software development to roster cleaning services in rental and holiday-homes linked into the booking platforms such as AirBnB; 
  • The PIG crew are the backbone of the business and much emphasis is placed on:
    • Creating a safe working environment for staff and clients through the use of chemical-free ENJO microfibre cloths to remove dirt and bacteria (these are even used on the Earnslaw steam ship) and Nanoboard technology to protect surfaces - previously, brass on The Earnslaw Steam Ship was polished with a traditional, toxic brass chemical. It’s now treated with Nanobond leaving the surface protected for about two years. Instead of being polished daily it’s wiped with a damp microfibre and fingermarks come off. It is cleaner, but also healthier for the environment, the cleaning crew and the customers.
    • Selecting the right crew - PIG calls itself the United Nation of cleaners with extraordinary people from all around the globe and all walks of life working for them. Over the years staff have included history teachers, psychologists, architects, political scientists, furniture designers, photographers, personal trainers and many more. They’re intelligent individuals who come to travel and experience NZ – unable to work in their field because they may not speak English well/degrees are not recognised. Cleaners are hired for aptitude and presentation. Service is discreet, personalised and meets the highest standards in work completed and presentation of staff.
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  • Sorry but not everyone can be a PIG client:
    • A substantial checklist system is discussed with potential new clients to balance time taken on cleans versus client expectations and location, the company doesn’t charge for travel time! PIG will only work with quality customers as part of their focus on retaining a ‘great reputation’ around Queenstown and be known for quality and integrity. As they say the 'proof is in the pudding" with most clients working on long-term contracts, and most business coming for the many ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals and repeat business
    • Once a PIG customer the crew will do anything to make sure their clients needs and expectations are exceeded. An in-house app is used to remind staff how every individual property should be presented and personal files are kept of the likes and dislikes of all customers. In association with Deloittes four different cost-structure models and a calculator for holiday homes owners to work out return on investment has been developed to ensure that rental home clients are maximising their potential earnings.